Travelling: the time has come but what to take?

The time has come. I’m finally travelling the world with my boyfriend (Adam) after working in PR/content marketing for almost three years.

I’m not going to lie and pretend packing in the 9-5 daily routine wasn’t daunting, but it needed to be done. Day dreaming at your desk about travelling rather than doing your work isn’t exactly the most productive use of time!

We’re almost a week in, currently in Phnom Penh in Cambodia leaving this evening for the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. We’ve covered three cities so far and already there are a few items I’ve packed that’ve been, some might say, life changing…

Here are my top 6 things to pack if you’re planning to backpack:

1. Packing cubes

What a dream these little fabric, zip-up cubes are. I purchased this set from Amazon for £10 and I’ve never looked back. The purchase contained three different sized cubes, three zip-up pouches and a shoe bag.

A cube for evening wear, a cube for day wear and a cube for swimwear/undies. Sorted. Unpacking and re-packing is so easy. Finding the outfit I want to wear is simple, pull out the cube, un-zip, grab the outfit, done.

And yes, I have pink cubes and Adam has blue…

2. Revolut Card

A great app and money card. Extremely secure and the app helps with budgeting clearly showing how much you’ve spent and on what. The card exchange rate is second to none and doesn’t charge you for using it abroad, over a long period of time this can save you a lot of money!

3. Bum bag

Weirdly, I’ve become a little emotionally attached to my bum bag. Being a girl a little obsessed with the latest fashions I didn’t think this would happen but everything I need to carry fits in this little, tiny pouch and my arms are free!

Not only that, but I feel safe. Having valuables practically attached to you is quite conforming, especially when walking around unknown, unfamiliar places.

4. Beach scarf

Purchased on a whim in Primark, a £7 ‘beach scarf’…whatever that is.

For those wondering, it’s basically a cheap pashmina. Light weight, long but pretty. It’s been really handy – keeps me warm when travelling and the air-con is too cold, perfect for covering my shoulders or creating a make-shift skirt when visiting temples when my denim hot pants are a little inappropriate. Definitely something to consider adding to your travelling check-list.

5. iPad

I managed to nab my mum’s old, unused iPad before leaving and I’m glad I did. Great for researching potential next destinations, hostels etc. Also fabulous for blogging 😉 – I purchased this keypad for £15 on Amazon to make writing even easier.

Episodes of Vikings downloaded from Netflix saved us from boredom on those long bus journeys.

6. Camera

Last, but by no means least, your camera. This is a once in a lifetime trip so capture it! Bring back a collection of photographs so your memories live on forever…nice to show the grandchildren one day too!

We’ve brought with us a Sony Alpha 5000 (perfect for an amateur like myself) and an apeman which is waterproof, an essential for beach days. Both have wifi, so we’ve been uploading all shots to our mobiles then onto One Drive. This ensures you don’t lose any precious photographs, keeps the memory-card free and if anything gets stolen at least your pictures are safe in the cloud!

Of course there are some essentials to keep in mind as well:

• Insect repellent (Jungle formula is great)
• Adapter
• Travel documents (passport, travel insurance etc. including photocopies)
• First aid kit
• Sun cream
• Pad locks

I hope the above is helpful for any soon to be travellers! My next blog will be a beauty haul on those products I couldn’t of gone without!


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