City to beach

We spent a week in Crete and it was beautiful. I’m not one for beaching all day, I love going for quick walks taking in my new surroundings, popping in quaint shops and stopping for coffee breaks so I need an outfit that’ll see me looking stylish in the city but smokin’ on the beach…and I think I cracked it. Massive thanks to H&M and ASOS for this gem! 


You can’t say these trousers aren’t the sh*t, they’re covered in palm trees and are sheer – what more do you want! The perfect beach to city trouser that screams, GLAM, but chilled. 


Another H&M dream, this time from the Coachella range – this crochet crop is a must have. Complements the trousers and teases…ready to see the plunging swimsuit hiding underneath!?



I’ve never felt better than in this gorgeous one piece from ASOS – it fits perfectly and manages to keep my boobs under control! Miracle, considering the plunge on it. It also comes in mermaid blue and tropical. The temptation to purchase it in every colour is strong!!

Trying to channel my inner Kate Moss alla’ St Tropez tan ad here on the rocks of Crete…

The neck detail is what makes this swimsuit – a gold, open necklace type top that sets everything off perfectly, especially paired with these stunning Australia Quay sunnies (found in Topshop)


Thanks for reading gals!! If you have any q’s just drop me a comment below…

-F xx


6 thoughts on “City to beach

  1. Beautiful! Those pants are stunners – perfect for a tropical vacation!


    1. Thank you 🙂 H&M special! Thinking of getting them lined so I can wear them at home too haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beach look on point!
    Do check my blog when you can! I am sure you’ll like it!


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