Dalston Superstore

I took my first visit to Dalston earlier this week having heard it’s the ‘place to be’ in London. It’s definitely vibrant, multi-cultural and jam packed full of quirky little restaurants and coffee shops so you can imagine I was uber excited to try one out!

Walking past many middle-eastern restaurants…I was tempted, but it’s so similar to Greek cuisine; I wanted to try something new. I came across Dalston Superstore on Kingsland High St; the edgy vibe attracted me to it. Plus the WiFi password was ‘Kate Bush’…that’s all the confirmation I needed.

The menu is great. Small and concise but there’s something for everyone, from a big juicy burger to the North India Dalh which is what I ate. At first I wasn’t too sure as it’s veggie and I’m one hell of a meat eater (yes Greeks love lamb) but I saw another girl eating it and couldn’t resist! The Dalh did not disappoint! Beautiful, well balanced flavours with just the right amount of spice. The texture was great and it came with two crispy pieces of bread.  Plus the lentils meant I still got my protein…as of course that’s the main thing these days, right? I washed this all down with a nice cold beer (LAD).

You should try this place out, great vibe, food and drinks.


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