Bishops Waltham. Part II


Josies. Wine.Coffee.Deli has attracted so many people to our small town of Bishops Waltham, bringing us more business and creating a real buzz down our adorable High Street. Josie’s was awarded ‘Best Winchester Food Experience’ earlier in June this year and it’s evident as to why. I’ve eaten here on many occasions and have always enjoyed it.

Showing my lovely new man the joys of my little village over the weekend I insisted we went to Josie’s for brunch (how Downton of us, no?) and told him to have the American pancakes…no room for discussion here. They’re always great and I knew he’d enjoy them. Dense yet fluffy, as always, topped with crispy bacon and the perfect amount of maple syrup.

I had the eggs Florentine and the pouched eggs were runny!! I was so happy, cutting into a pouched egg and seeing the yolk ooze out is one of my little pleasures in life and too often than not that moment is ruined by overdone eggs. The hollandaise was obviously freshly made and not one of those awful packet jobs.

We were tempted to ‘add a little sparkle’ to our breakfast (as they put it on the menu) but from the alcohol consumed the night before at Giorgio’s we went for the berry smoothie for a vitamin boost.

We enjoyed our breakfast sitting outside in the sunshine watching the world go by. It was really lovely, especially being able to eat outside


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