Dining in the Dam

Well where do I start? Amsterdam. A place like no other. Perfect spot for a long weekend – as a couple or with friends.

Where Van Gogh meets the red light district, and trust me, the latter is far more entertaining!

You can lose yourself in a world of sex and weed. What a combo. But as a foodie, of course,I had to find some exciting places to eat…and that I did.


INCREDIBLE. You dine on beds…BEDS, whilst entertainers fill the floor and 11 Michelin star chefs slave away in the kitchen. 5 courses of exciting, tantalising combinations of flavours you’d never expect.

The menu is unknown until you arrive – and can remain unknown if you wish, and that we did! I’m not going to sit here and describe every course in detail, but I can assure you each was unique, with flavour from every spectrum combining in an unforgettable mouth explosion.

Service was great – from some errr interesting characters, but what more would you expect from the Dam!?

Every night has a different theme – ours was neo-burlesque, this included a fire breather and probably the most talented pole dancer I’ve ever seen!

Meal over – wine flowing, house music blaring. Can say it was one of the best meal experiences and nights out I’ve ever had. Put it at the top of your list!


Singel 101 restaurant

Every plate served to us was fresh, local and inventive. A really gorgeous meal, yes the experience wasn’t quite Supperclub, but this is a different establishment altogether.

Modern décor with a calming atmosphere. Perfect place for a romantic meal, especially for adventurous foodies like us! Menu is changed daily depending on what is fresh and in season – so of course every dish is divine.

Each dish was explained to us in detail on arrival, nice touch but I just wanted to drive right in…but that may’ve been the result of a few splifs. When in Dam!



Well I’m not one for eating English style food in a foreign country, but on a hangover I must say the Greenwoods fry up is one you’ve got to try!! A step up from the typical greasy spoon. Quaint, small café with views of the canal. Short walk from the Red Light District, but be warned, it’s always busy!

Now the cuisine is done – here is a quick list of my other top finds!

  • Abraxas coffee shop – you know what they serve. Psychedelic décor, mind bending fun. And cheaper than the rip off that is The Bulldog. (The muffins don’t work)
  • The Sex Museum – hilarious, weird and wonderful. You can’t not go.
  • The Amsterdam Dungeons – not one for these tourist attractions, but it was great! Really interesting, the actors were fab and you can’t really find them scary with the Dutch accents. Scccchmoke and a pancake?
  • The Jolly Sailor – decent drinks and decent music. All round great atmosphere day and night.
  • A ride on a bike taxi – great way to see the city, cheap, comfy and you get a blanket. Cute.
  • The Hoppe – traditional Dutch pub, where the first Heineken pint was served. Alcohol mixed with history, see drinking does involve culture! Great excuse.
  •  Bubbles and Wine – they serve Champagne and wine. Enough said.
  • A Peep show – right, it’s pretty weird but has to be done! Plus it’s only 2 euros. Cheapest porno you’ll ever see.
  • Frozen Yoghurt shop on Damstraat – just try it, you’ll love it.
  • Pancakes – go anywhere, you can’t go wrong with a pancake, plus you’re in the Netherlands. You have to have a pancake.

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